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When you need to workout but don't have the gym...

Workout: "Park Core & Glutes"

Metabolic body-weight workout, no equipment needed, for you to do at home and beat the coronavirus lockdown blues.

Click the image for the workout video

Circuit One

Circuit Two

Circuit Three

Circuit Four

Workout Details

Average Duration: 35-50 minutes


No equipment park or home workout! Can use a bench or low fence, couch or chair, something stable to elevate feet. (Or do everything ground level for an easier modification.)


Perform each set as a mini circuit, for 3-4 rounds, no rest. 8 reps of everything (8 per side for single side). Rest between circuits. (For video brevity I shortened the reps).


Circuit One:
1) speed squats: narrow, wide narrow wide
2) feet elevated rotation plank

Circuit Two:

1) feet elevated glute Bridges
2) feet elevated push ups

Circuit Three:

1) step ups
2) triceps dips

Circuit Four:

1) feet elevated mountain climber March
2) curtsey lunge

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