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When ya want to workout at home...

Workout: "Beginner Bodyweight "

Beginner friendly body-weight workout, no equipment needed, for you to do at home. Start here if you are completely new to fitness training, are a beginner, or looking for a quick low impact routine to add activity to your day.

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Workout Details

Average Duration: 20 minutes


Here's a simple, quick, home workout routine for complete fitness beginners. I designed this for my parents ("Seniors" with no exercise background).

Perform 8 repetitions of everything (8 on each side for single sided stuff). Repeat 2-3 times.

1) Squats
2) Glute Bridges
3) Single Leg Leg Lifts
4) Table-Top Fire Hydrants
5) Table-Top Heel to Sky
6) Russian Twists
7) Modified Seal Jacks

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