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Workout: "Stretch Flow"

Mobility and active stretching routine to maintain joint health and loosen up after sitting all day. No equipment needed.

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Workout Details

Average Duration: 5 minutes


Stretch Flow to loosen up and take a break from sitting!
Movement feels good and is healthy for our joints. Most of us spend long hours sitting or with not ideal posture. Take a break every hour and move! Try going through this flow to break up your stationary day.

Perform 3 to 4 reps of each exercise. Repeat as desired.


(Since I'm not a yogi, I don't the technical names of these)

  1. Cat Cow

  2. Table-top Side bends

  3. Table-top circles (combined cat cow and side bends)

  4. Cat Cow to child's pose

  5. Spiderman hand to sky

  6. Downward Dog to Cobra dive bomber

  7. Downward dog alternating calf stretch

  8. High plank to walk-up hamstring stretch to sun salutation

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